NPS Pharmacy

As part of MHC’s integrated system of care, the organization provides onsite pharmacy services through NPS Pharmacy.  Designed to provide convenience, value and personal support , this service is accessible to all MHC clients and employees.



Through NPS Pharmacy, MHC clients can save time by filling their whole family’s prescriptions after their doctor's visit.  And if they’re not visiting MHC offices, clients can discuss medication delivery with their assigned case managers.
Medications can be supplied in specialized bubble packages to promote compliance.  This service is available upon request.
Unlike other pharmacies, NPS helps clients understand and manage their TennCare benefits.  Since benefits only allow a certain number of prescriptions filled per month, clients may have out-of-pocket costs.  NPS can help clients get the best value.
NPS’s services don’t stop when the prescriptions are filled.  NPS Pharmacy staff are available to answer questions or help with medication problems.  
Contact NPS Pharmacy
To speak with one of our pharmacy staff, please call 615.743.1617.  Providers may fax prescriptions to 615.743.1670. 
Privacy Information
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