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About Us

Mental Health Cooperative is a story of hope, where science and a belief in human potential come together to form a very special place. We are passionate about supporting adults with serious mental illnesses and children struggling with emotional/behavioral challenges using unique and innovative approaches.

MHC Story

Our Mission
MHC exists to engage, enlighten, and empower individuals and families with behavioral health/substance use issues to live healthier lives. By providing integrated care for the whole person, everyone can experience hope and live a full life in the community.

Our Vision
We believe there is life after diagnosis, and that our challenges do not define who we are.

MHC is different:

  • We believe every person who walks through our doors has the potential to grow and change.
  • We believe the individuals we serve are people first. We do not define them by their mental illness.
  • We believe relationships matter and are the most important part of our services.
  • We believe in working in small multidisciplinary teams, with the individual we serve as the focus.
  • We believe in an open agency where staff and those we serve share common space in all our facilities.
  • We believe care managers are essential to assist those we serve by providing support in the community where the individual lives rather than in the office.

Our approach combines community-based care management, psychotherapy, psychiatry, crisis services, and primary care into an integrated, person-centered system of care.

MHC is the only agency in the state whose sole focus is persons with serious mental illness and children with serious emotional disorders who also struggle to survive at or below the poverty level. That is why we welcome all TennCare plans. We also have programs available for those without TennCare who meet financial guidelines.

Our services are unique because we treat the whole person and focus not only on behavioral health but on physical health as well. This integration of behavioral and physical health is provided by a team of professionals who provide treatment and support both in the office and in the community where the person lives.


MHC: Where We Face the Challenges Together