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Representative Payee

Contact our Rep Payee department at 615-743-1416.

Rep Payee Hours:
Monday – 8am – 2pm
Tuesday – 8am – 4:15pm
Wednesday – 8am – 2pm
Thursday – 8am – 4:15pm
Friday – 8am – 4:15pm

Sometimes it’s difficult to prioritize bills and manage your money throughout the month. MHC’s Representative Payee (Rep Payee) program is here to assist you in managing your Social Security benefits by prioritizing and paying your monthly bills and setting up an allowance for personal needs. We provide services throughout Tennessee.

MHC Representative Payee Services is a bonded 501(c) (3) Non-Profit.

Once we are authorized by Social Security to become your Representative Payee, Social Security will send your benefits to us to manage on your behalf. Your Social Security benefit(s) will be used to address needs in the following order:

  1. Basic needs (i.e. shelter, utilities, food and clothing)
  2. Medical and dental needs not covered by health insurance
  3. Personal needs such as clothing and recreation

Note: Payments are limited to available funds.

We provide Representative Payee services under Section 10 of 42 USC 405(j) (4) (A) of the Social Security Act. We provide financial management services for individuals identified by the Social Security Administration as needing help managing their Social Security (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits who does not have a capable and willing family member or friend.


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