Crisis Care Center Secures Funding To Open In 2018

A new Crisis Care Center is opening to keep mental health patients from inundating local jails and emergency rooms.

According to the American Jail Association, 650,000 people with a mental health issue end up in jail every year in the United States. Davidson County Sheriff Daron Hall is launching a new program so inmates can receive mental health services while behind bars. But what about the people police encounter who are suffering from a mental health crisis who have not yet committed a crime? Police need a place to take them.crisis center,

“It could be that person on a bridge that is threatening to jump off the bridge, and they’re like we’ve got to have a safe place to immediately take that individual,” says MHC’s Amanda Bracht.

In a few months that place will be a reality. $3.5 million has been set aside to build a Crisis Care Center in the Metro Center area. “It’s a secure place where there will be enhanced staffing, a variety of treatment professionals, which would include a psychiatric nurse practitioner and a psychiatrist,” says Chief Clinical Officer Bracht.

The facility is projected to open June of 2018 in the 200 block of Cumberland Bend. Check out more on this story by clicking the Newschannel 5 link below.