Mental Health Cooperative Offers Therapy At Hamilton County Schools

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) — Students at several different Hamilton County Schools can now get therapy without leaving the building.

The school day is jam packed for many students, so it can be hard for them to leave for appointments. Mental Health Cooperative partnered with 11 Hamilton County Schools, to provide therapy for kids and families in a school setting. Regional Supervisor for therapy, Keith Nilsen, says this way they are able to help more kids.

“There are a lot of challenges for families setting up services for children, especially, when they are in school, just scheduling appointments, setting up transportation, it can be difficult. We feel like by being there where the children are already, we can get help to a lot more children,” Nilsen said.

Nilsen says sometimes kids go without therapy because of the inconvenience.

“When we avoid setting up mental health services for children, we end up creating more problems for them in the long run,” he said.

They help students for a variety of reasons.

“So basically any reason why you might take a child in for out patient therapy services would be appropriate. We work with behavioral concerns, emotional difficulty, ADHD family problems, trauma history, any of those things are appropriate for us to work with,” Nilsen said.

So far there’s been a great response from both the students and school staff.

“They seem to really be enjoying it and I know the families are appreciating having this service right there at the school for them,” Nilsen said.

Depending on how things go this year, Nilsen is hopeful they will expand to more schools.

Mental Health Cooperative offers therapy at Hamilton County Schools


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