Governor Lee & Commissioner Williams Visit MHC’s Crisis Treatment Center

We were honored to have Governor Bill Lee and Commissioner Marie Williams (TDMHSAS) with us Wednesday morning at our Crisis Treatment Center (CTC). They toured and were then interviewed by the Council of State Governments for a project highlighting model behavioral health “jail diversion” programs that are having a major impact.

A consumer that recently benefited from the Crisis Treatment Center, as well as two Metro Police officers, also participated. Media from many different outlets covered the event.

Increased funding for state mental health programs expected

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Governor Bill Lee promised this week increased funding for mental health resources during a tour of a Nashville facility dealing with psychiatric patients.

“There are a number of funding streams that we provide for these facilities,” said the governor after he visited the Mental Health Cooperative. “And as we see them and see the way they work, we certainly want to continue supporting them and expand across the state.”

The Nashville facility is one of those places where people with mental health issues picked up by the police are often brought–instead of going off to jail.

One of the Mental Health Cooperative’s executives showed Governor Bill Lee the building’s secure entrance.

“Officers pull up, bring the individual in, give us a quick report and then we take over,” said Amanda Bracht who is facilities senior vice-president of clinical operations. “The other way people get here is if they are presented at an emergency room.”

Metro police officers who just happened to be at the facility said they can get back on the street within minutes instead of taking an offender with mental health problems to jail.

The governor added that whatever increase comes this year for mental health funding, it will be larger than the increase last year.

Governor Lee unveils his funding choices for the Tennessee government budget in the upcoming State of the State speech.