Immediate Suboxone Treatment For Murfreesboro TennCare Members


Immediate Suboxone Treatment For Murfreesboro TennCare Members 

Same Day Suboxone Treatment For Rutherford, Bedford, Cannon, Coffee, Wilson, And Warren Counties 

Murfreesboro, TN (July 13, 2021) – In an effort to reduce rising drug-related overdoses in Rutherford County, Cooperative Recovery of Mental Health Cooperative is providing state-of-the-art Suboxone Based Substance Use Treatment at their Murfreesboro office. Cooperative Recovery, a local non-profit takes a “whole person” approach, combing all necessary tools for comfortable recovery under one roof, including Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, and Care Management. 

“We are a No Judgement Zone meaning from the very first phone call, clients are treated with utmost respect and dignity,” said Michael Kirshner, VP of Business Development. “Callers are often surprised by the friendly and knowledgeable person that answers their call. Loved ones reach out and are obviously very concerned, so it’s critical that we eliminate any stigma or blaming language and guide them toward SOLUTIONS.”  

Dr. David Patzer, a board-certified and fellowship-trained Addiction Psychiatrist sees all clients and welcomes them to experience a new and better way of living.  There is no wait to get started and all TennCare plans (Amerigroup, Blue Care, United Health Community Plan) cover this program with no out-of-pocket costs.  

ALL questions are welcomed by calling 615-687-4680. The new clinic is located at 1419 Kensington Square Court in Murfreesboro. 


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