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Emergency Psychiatric Services

A mental health crisis can be extremely frightening and difficult for family and friends to understand. Law enforcement and paramedics have limited resources to help during a mental health crisis, which can result in an unnecessary trip to the Emergency Room. This often only adds to the crisis.

Our emergency teams are trained to immediately respond and resolve a crisis.

When you call the crisis line (615) 726-0125, a triage counselor will pick up the phone to help. He/she will get some basic information like your name and date of birth and then ask you to describe the crisis you or a loved one is experiencing.

Based on your description, the counselor will determine if immediate action is needed. This could be one of our master’s level providers driving to your location to meet in person. He/she may also refer you to our 24-hour walk-in crisis center located in Davidson County.

If the counselor determines this is an immediate medical emergency, he/she will direct you to the nearest emergency room or ask you to call 9-1-1. If you are unable to call, our crisis counselor will call 9-1-1 for you.

Only a master’s level provider will come to your home. He/she will look for current signs and symptoms of your mental health, and ask about treatment history and risk factors surrounding the crisis. Our provider will also determine what support systems you currently have. From this information, he/she will put together a treatment recommendation to guide you on the road to recovery.

Crisis Continuum
This is early intervention in a mental health crisis. Our team of mental health professionals, nurses and psychiatrists work with you to avoid going to the hospital or emergency room. Treatment and monitoring generally last between 12 and 72 hours.

Crisis Stabilization Unit
To help you begin your recovery after a crisis, voluntary stays are available for up to 72 hours in an on-site secure setting. Mental health professionals, including a psychiatrist, assist you, until you can be discharged to a lower level of care.

We offer crisis resolution and treatment monitoring for up to 12 hours for those who may otherwise go to a hospital. Staffed by an RN or LPN and a resident counselor, this safe, supportive environment helps you resolve your immediate crisis with ability to be discharged to a lower level of care.

Walk In
The 24-hour walk-in crisis center, located in Davidson County, offers immediate attention when you walk in. Our supportive team of mental health and trauma professionals are highly trained to help evaluate what your needs are and focus on resolving the crisis. The crisis center is staffed by triage counselors, crisis counselors and nurses.

Mobile Crisis Team for Children
Loved ones or those responsible for children and youth in Davidson County experiencing a mental health crisis should contact our 24-Hour Mobile Crisis Team for an immediate evaluation and treatment in a safe environment. The emergency crisis line phone numbers are 615-726-0125 and 855-274-7471.


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