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Success Stories

“MHC saved my life. We couldn’t find services that worked for our teenage daughter until we came here. The team helped us create a plan that worked.”



“I just wanted to write and say how wonderful our partnership with MHC has been. Erin has been great, we’ve seen tremendous improvement with our patients, and they actually go to their counseling appointments now since it doesn’t “feel” like they are going to a therapy center. It has been a real breath of fresh air. Anyways, just wanted to take a second to tell you we appreciate everything you all do.”

Hunter Butler, M.D.
Springfield Children’s Clinic


I am so thankful for your staff for being so respectful and caring.  In my darkest moment they gave me hope.  I will forever be grateful to MH Cooperative.



“My child Dusty was referred by our pediatrician for case management and therapy services.  He has ADHD and was having a lot of trouble with academics (failing), paying attention, mood swings, behavior problems at home and at school  and frequent fighting in school.

In less than one year, my son is now succeeding in school and is even ahead in credits.  He will be able to graduate on time.  His behaviors have greatly improved at home and at school and he is no longer fighting or acting out aggressively.  We are all getting along with Dusty much better.

He is stable, has met all of his goals and  has excelled beyond what I ever expected, even without medicine.  I am so appreciative for all you have done for my family. Thank you!”



I facilitate a group at CSU on Tuesday evenings, and am always struck by the consumers’ positive reports regarding their experience at CSU, particularly in feeling a sense of belonging that they don’t often experience.

Last night, one of the consumers in group stated, “This is such a special place because we aren’t treated as just patients.  We’re treated as people dealing with problems.  That’s what I like about this place – we’re treated as people, as equals.

It is because of Adam’s and all the CSU staff’s supportive and collaborative approach that these people feel respected, safe, and instilled with hope”

Kendall Elsass
Program Manager of Child and Youth Special Programs


“The services you provide and the way you provide them is being proven in the growth. I know it is stressful at times to manage the growing organization, but MHC truly services the forgotten edges of our society. The dignity and humanity with which you do it has value that cannot not be assessed or ever truly appreciated. The individuals and families you impact, however, will never forget and will always pay forward their gratitude to others.”

Jim Nickle, AIA
InForm Smallwood+Nickle, LLC