Who We Serve?

MHC offers INNOVATIVE, TRAUMA-INFORMED and PERSON-CENTERED behavioral health services for children, adolescents, and adults. All TennCare plans are welcomed and grants are available for those who are uninsured.

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Why Choose MHC?

Because of our Core Values

  • We believe every person who walks through our doors has the potential to heal, grow, and change.
  • We believe the individuals we serve are people first. We do not define them by their mental illness.
  • We believe relationships matter and are the most important part of our services.
  • We believe in working in small multidisciplinary teams focusing on the individual client and their needs.
  • We believe in an open agency where staff and those we serve share common space in all our facilities.
  • We believe care managers are essential to assist those we serve by providing support in the community where the individual lives rather than in the office.

Mental Health Cooperative is a story of hope, where science and a belief in human potential come together to form a very special place.

Our Services

Comprehensive Services

Our integrated services focus on addressing all healthcare needs and removing unnecessary barriers to care

Full Service Behavioral Health Care For Adults, Children & Adolescents

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