Emergency Psychiatric Services (Adults and Children) in Nashville, Davidson County.

To immediately access MHC’s Emergency Psychiatric Services, please call 615-726-0125 or toll-free 855-274-7471

  • Our crisis services are available 24/7
  • Services are provided at no cost to you
  • Walk-ins are welcome

Our emergency psychiatric teams are trained to respond, stabilize, and resolve a crisis. We offer a full scope of services and treatment resources at our Nashville location.

Mobile Crisis Team for Adults and Children

MHC is designated by the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services as the crisis response team for adults and children in Nashville-Davidson County. Our crisis team comprises clinicians who provide assessments, brief interventions, and linkages to ongoing care for adults and children experiencing a mental health crisis. Counselors respond to situations throughout Nashville-Davidson County, including schools, homeless shelters, and emergency rooms.

In addition to the mobile crisis counselors, MHC has partnered with several high-volume emergency departments to embed counselors in emergency rooms during peak times to assist in expediting individuals into treatment.

Crisis Treatment Center (CTC)

250 Cumberland Bend, Nashville, TN 37228

The CTC is a state-of-the-art facility that provides immediate access to specialized care for adults and children experiencing psychiatric emergencies. The CTC provides a safe environment where individuals can receive an immediate comprehensive assessment, begin receiving treatment to stabilize the situation, and get connected to ongoing care to address their needs.

Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU)

The CSU is a 15-bed voluntary unit that provides intensive, multidisciplinary services for individuals experiencing an acute psychiatric emergency. Individuals admitted to the CSU receive daily evaluations by a psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner, group counseling, peer support, and discharge planning services.

The Intensive Intervention Center (IIC)

IIC, also known as Respite, is an 8-bed unit that offers a safe and supportive environment for individuals in crisis. While individuals admitted to IIC have access to a psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner if needed, the primary intervention at IIC is group treatment and peer support.

Law Enforcement and Emergency Medical Services Collaboration

Partners in Care (PIC) is a Co-Response program that pairs a crisis counselor with a Metro Nashville Police Department (MNPD) officer who has undergone 40 hours of Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training. PIC launched in July 2021 in two precincts and is targeted to be a city-wide program by fiscal year 2025. The PIC teams respond to high-acuity mental health calls dispatched from the Metro-Nashville Emergency Communications Office.

Responders Engaged and Committed to Help (REACH) is a pilot program that pairs a crisis counselor with a Nashville Fire/EMS paramedic. Launched in February 2023, REACH teams respond to mental health calls that do not require full ambulance response to stabilize the situation quickly and remove unnecessary barriers to connecting the individual immediately to specialized care.