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Children and Youth

We know a child or adolescent who is struggling with emotional/behavioral issues can make life stressful for the entire family. That’s why our approach works. We not only focus on your child’s unique needs but also the needs of your family. We assist you in finding real solutions that work.

Families, pediatricians and school professionals in Tennessee continue to rely on MHC because our approach is effective. Since every child is different, we take the time to get to know you and your child before recommending any care. We want to know your concerns and your child’s understanding of what is happening. Only then do we customize a treatment plan to meet your family’s specific needs.

Our goal is your goal – seeing your child happy and successful in school, family and social situations.

Most children benefit from a combination of our services blended into a seamless plan.

School-Based Therapy
Children benefit most from receiving services where challenges are actually occurring. In addition, transportation can often be a barrier to treatment. That is why we offer school-based counseling and care management in your neighborhood school.

Community-Based Care Management
Our community-based case managers help your family in a number of ways. They help you to find and access the services you need:

We can help with:

  • Behavior management assistance in the home
  • Eligibility benefits and financial supports
  • Assistance with school meetings and other appointments
  • Alcohol & drug treatment
  • Juvenile court assistance
  • School consultation

Care managers also use a process named collaborative problem solving to identify and build skills that may be lacking, such as self-esteem, anger management, paying attention and relaxation.

Transitional Care Management
A specialized program focused on youth ages 16-21 who would benefit from assistance with the transition from adolescence to adulthood.

Intensive Care Management
MHC offers varying intensity levels of care management depending on the specific needs of the child or adolescent.

Pediatrics Partnerships
There are multiple social and emotional challenges that children face including an inability to focus, feeling anxious, handling anger and following directions. We offer child and family counseling through pediatric partnerships throughout Middle Tennessee. With a licensed therapist on-site, along with in-home care management, we work as a team with your pediatric provider to help your child with their challenging behavioral issues.

Child Psychiatry
Child psychiatry helps you to determine the causes of your child’s behavior and will make specific recommendations for treatment.

System of Care Across Tennessee (SOCAT): Intensive wraparound approach for children under 21 years of age, residing in DeKalb and Coffee Counties.

OnTrack Tennessee: Specialized program serving young adults ages 15-30, residing in Davidson County, experiencing their first episode of psychosis.

Children’s Crisis Services
Loved ones or those responsible for children and youth in Davidson County experiencing a mental health crisis should contact our 24-hour emergency psychiatric services at 615-726-0125 or 855-274-7471.

Click here for additional emergency psychiatric services for children.

How Do I Begin?
Walk-in today at one of our locations closest to you. Or if you prefer, we welcome your call to schedule an appointment or answer any of your questions. ALL of our services begin with a comprehensive behavioral assessment to determine the best course of action.

Speak with one of our counselors today and take the first step toward getting the help you and your child deserve. Call 615-743-1555 or toll-free 866-816-0433.


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